Farmers across the Delmarva Peninsula are dedicated to keeping the health of the Chesapeake Bay intact. They have joined forces with a group of agricultural stakeholders to ensure that their poultry waste products do not pollute the bay. Farmers, conservationists, and academics have come together to form the Delmarva Land & Litter Challenge (DLLC), a platform where collaborating partners work together to develop strategies to abate poultry related nutrient pollution on the Delmarva Peninsula.


This large landscape initiative, covering approximately 545,000 square miles of the peninsula, will require a new way forward for addressing water quality challenges from animal agriculture operations, as the policies and practices of the past will not meet the needs of tomorrow.


DLLC members believe that significant progress can be achieved in meeting the nutrient reduction goals that have been established for the agricultural sector in the three Delmarva states of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Working together, we are committed to supporting pathways for land management that will improve the productivity of agriculture lands, enhancing the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay, and strengthening the economy that preserves and protects the region’s rural and cultural heritage.


In order to ensure their commitment to the health of the Chesapeake Bay, DLLC members commit to the following goals by 2025:

  • Delmarva farming and poultry complex becomes a national model as an environmentally friendly and economically sustainable regional agricultural system;
  • Delmarva agriculture is regionally neutral in importing and exporting nutrients, and wherever possible, nutrients are recycled locally to support sustainable agricultural operations;
  • Nutrients are utilized in farming operations without negative environmental impacts on land and in adjacent waters; and
  • Growers are rewarded for producing high value food, feed, fiber, clean energy, and ecosystem services.

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DLLC Chair

andrew mclean
Andrew McLean | Poultry Grower

Andrew L. McLean was born and raised in Harford County, MD. He is a 1986 graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Agriculture Economics… Read more

DLLC Vice-Chairs

bob gallagher
Bob Gallagher | Founder, West/Rhode Riverkeeper

Bob Gallagher is the founder of the West/Rhode Riverkeeper. Prior to founding the Riverkeeper, he practiced law in Washington D.C., for more than 35 years litigating cases in federal courts and courts of appeals, including the Supreme Court, around the country… Read more

Bobby Hutchinson
Bobby Hutchinson | Farm Partner, Hutchinson Farm Operations

The main focus of Hutchinson Farm Operations is on grain production and vegetable farming. Bobby has been an active grain producer for over 25 years… Read more

Through the new Delmarva Land & Litter Challenge, a diverse group of organizations representing grain producers, chicken growers, poultry integrators, conservationists, academic partners; along with agribusiness, finance & service providers are joining forces and collaborating in a new way forward for managing poultry related nutrient pollution on the Delmarva Peninsula.